Employment Attorneys Representing Employees and Employers

Finding the right employment Portland area law firm is important. Why should you choose us for employment, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment and whistle blowing?

Our Reputation.

The attorneys at the Dolan Law Group have a reputation in the legal community as tough client advocates and skilled litigators. We try cases and we do it well. We often receive referrals from former clients as well as from attorneys who have opposed us in previous litigation.

Our Experience.

We know employment law. The attorneys at the Dolan Law Group have nearly 60 years of combined experience in employment law. Because our areas of practice are focused on employment law, we are both effective and efficient advocates for our clients. Our attorneys are experienced in providing a wide range of legal services to our clients.

Our Uniqueness.

Most employment law firms exclusively represent either employees or employers. The Dolan Law Group is somewhat unique in the Portland area because we represent both employees and employers. The attorneys at our firm believe working with both employees and employers gives us a unique perspective and advantage in assessing, litigating and resolving cases.

Our Team.

The Dolan Law Group is made up of four attorneys and a legal staff who work closely together as a team on each case. We are larger than most employee-side only law firms and smaller than most employer-side only law firms. Our size and team model make us an attractive choice for both employees and employers. For employees, we have flexibility in how we charge for our time, including contingency fee agreements or hourly rates. For employers, our law firm model is attractive because we can provide rates competitive with larger firms while maintaining a high level of experience and personal service to clients.